Cortile Arabo
osteria cortile arabo marzamemi

Nel cuore del vecchio borgo marinaro, in uno degli angoli più intimi e caratteristici di Marzamemi, trova la sua locazione “Cortile Arabo”.

It is called Cortile Arabo because of its structure with three entrances and exits that recalls Islamic urbanism, and is an elegant environment where you can find an authentic seafood cuisine, an example of the close relationship between the sea.

cortile arabo ristorante di pesce

"Meanwhile the fish
from which we descended all
witnessed curiously
the collective drama of this world
that undoubtedly had to seem bad to them
and began to think
in their great sea
how deep the sea is
it is clear that thought bothers"

cortile arabo mare di marzamemi

« ... And beautiful Trinacria, floating in the sea , Pachino and Peloro, (on the gulf which greatest scath from Euros doth receive)… »


secondi piatti cortile arabo marzamemi

From a simple fishing village today Marzamemi has become a real gem, a pearl of the Mediterranean, perched on the rocks in front of a breathtaking view. Here you can still breathe the close link between the sea and the population that permeates the narrow alleys, impregnated with the smell of saltiness, the ancient houses of fishermen and the tuna trap, one of the largest and oldest in Sicily.

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